Entering into a new decade evokes the energy of starting afresh and anew.  The numbers 2020 appear familiar due to the popular show “20/20” that started back in 1978, that provided insightful interviews with notable figures, spanning politics, news, and entertainment.  The key in 2020 is to gain your own insights on what works and doesn’t work for you.  If change is needed, step back and reassess what’s going on in your life with increased awareness.  Instead of pushing for change, change will happen spontaneously.

Shifting from a mindset of having to push to make things happen, to allowing things to happen, and be-ing, can make all the difference.  It is a truly difficult task, and hard to allow, since you are choosing to be present, instead of controlling.

I have learned over time that control is an illusion that you create in order to gain a sense of security or assurance.  However, it is a false security, since anything can happen at anytime.  The one thing you can truly control are your perceptions.  If you are going to choose a perception, choose your own.  No one will ever have the same perception as you, due to the fact that your perceptions are created by your unique experiences and feelings that you have gone through.

The one way to trust your perceptions, instead of following another person’s perceptions, is to establish an intimate connection with your body.  Start tuning in and paying attention to the signals of your body, such as shifts in your breathing, muscle tension or aches, limited ranges of motion, and perhaps even persistent health challenges.

I have learned that when your body exhibits tension, pain, or other health issues, it is not punishing you, but attempting to get your attention to see how stress is affecting you.  There can be good and bad stress.  Good stress, for instance, is a job promotion, reconnecting with family, buying a new house; bad stress can be a micro-managing boss, challenging family members, financial loss, or challenges.  Ultimately the way you perceive these benefits or challenges will determine how your body responds.

By establishing a newfound trust with your body, you can create a whole different experience for the new decade.  Things that you can truly trust besides your intuition and body are your breath, touch, and movement.

  • When you can breathe freely, versus, with restriction, it shows that you are clear and not in a place of fear or worry.
  • Touch can be healing and comforting, or an indicator of when you don’t feel safe or trust.
  • Movement never lies; when you feel stiff and tense, it’s your body giving you clues that you are wary, versus times when your movement is full of ease and freedom.

Step into this new decade and make choices that serve you.  If life doesn’t appear to go your way, learn to step back and tune in to your body to see what actions to take or not take.