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Aloha! I’m Dr. Chad and I’m grateful that you’re here!


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Through the breath, we’re aware and fully present, trusting the healing power of our bodies. We release tension and resistance allowing the natural intelligence of our bodies to guide us as we shift and adjust to what we need. Empowered in our mind-body connections, we live within the flow of our lives with harmony and ease, authentic and open to the infinite potential of our being.

Your breath, healing, and empowerment come together in my 4-path healing/wellness system. Whether we’re working together in person or virtually, I’m so proud of you for taking this first step.

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Dr. Chad Sato is a chiropractor, focusing on wellness, healing, energetic work and the mind-body connection. He offers care in-person on O'ahu and virtually for clients all over the world.

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Office Hours: 8:15-5:30 M/W/F
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