Dr. Chad Sato’s
4-Path System

I have spent the last 20+ years as a chiropractor practicing Network Spinal Analysis and am certified in all 3 levels, however over time discovered the power of using the mind-body connection to help my members achieve deeper healing and be more empowered in their healing process, hence creating a 4-path healing system to help you heal your body, connect more deeply with yourself, and empower you to live the life you want to live.

The four-path healing system was designed to meet you where you’re at, right here in this moment. This system will work for you if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions.

Are you in acute pain and/or dealing with a chronic health condition?

Are you curious about being proactive in your healing and wellness?

Do you have a desire to become more in tune with your body and behavior patterns?

Are you overwhelmed by the stress of your daily life and need support?

Do you want time to “pause” from the busyness of your life in order to reassess and recenter?

Are you ready to learn how to self-heal and integrate healing into your self-care?

Path 1: Lifeline Care

This 5-week option is for you if you are in pain or suffering from a chronic health condition or ailment and just want the pain and/or suffering to go away.

Path 2: Growth Care

This path is designed for those interested in learning more about what they can do to be proactive in their healing, health, and overall wellness journey.

Path 3: Supportive Care

This path is also for individuals who aren’t currently experiencing pain and are interested in proactively incorporating a self-care modality in their wellness routine.

Path 4: Self Healing

A one-year physical, mental and emotional self-healing program where you’ll learn how to assess stressors and create a plan of action to bring more ease into your body and your life.


What to expect during your initial assessment

Like anything in life creating a relationship that is founded on trust is essential and that is what will happen on your first visit – in-person or virtually with me.

I will go over your personal history to bring you awareness to what has happened in your life and what life experiences could have possibly impacted you more than you realize. Next a posture examination will show if you are aligned or not, followed by identifying muscle tension patterns created by life experiences. Lastly. while face down I will deliver a series of gentle taps on your spine that serves as cues for your body to breathe deeper, relax any muscles and spinal tensions, and shifting your body into repair and recovery mode.

What to expect on subsequent visits

Your sessions may last anywhere between 15-20 minutes, which include those gentle spinal taps and some breathing prompts and postural shifts. The purpose for a series of follow up visits is to condition your body to eventually breathe and release tension on its own.

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Dr. Chad Sato is a chiropractor, focusing on wellness, healing, energetic work and the mind-body connection. He offers care in-person on O'ahu and virtually for clients all over the world.

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