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Exposing one’s innermost feelings for many is a daunting challenge. To show your tender underbelly so to speak allows for transparency and trusting that by putting yourself out there, no matter the eventual outcome, you will be okay.   Why is it so difficult for so many, myself included, to show our vulnerabilities and weaknesses? Understanding that making mistakes are normal, and it’s what differentiates you from a well-oiled machine or computer. Your so-called mistakes help you to discover your limitations and what works and doesn’t work. If you learn to shift your mindset in regards to mistakes, and see it as simply an experience that did not result in a desired outcome, and from which stemmed disappointment and regret, will go a long way in helping you equilibrate your mental and emotional state.

The ability to shift your mindset and make a conscious effort to accept what has occurred, instead of wishing for your desired outcome, can save you from torment and discontent. To do this is difficult in the beginning, but with practice and determination, you can accomplish anything. Look for the hidden gems embedded in each challenging experience, which leads to greater resilience. Resilience is one’s ability to adapt to stressors and challenging experiences and re-calibrating one to a balanced state of be-ing. To allow yourself to flow and “be” in the experience, instead of resisting and rejecting the current circumstances, goes a long way in helping you to stay in a space of ease and balance.

Take this moment to think of a current or past experience, where you were disappointed by the outcome. Envision yourself choosing a different way of handling the situation, breathe into this new awareness, and do your best to let go of your judgments. Embrace what you could have done differently, but stay cognizant of the fact that you made the best choice that was available to you at the time. Recognize too that if it were not for this experience, you would not have gained a new awareness of what is possible.

Be courageous in allowing yourself to be vulnerable, (caveat – choose someone that you trust and is willing to be there for you.) The more comfortable you get at opening yourself to another, will go a long way in helping you gain greater confidence and a deeper trust in your abilities. Shift your perception, and see that nothing is wrong with a mistake. In actuality, there are no true mistakes, just perceived notions about the situation, and whoever is strongest at asserting their views, determine what is right and what is wrong. Decide how you want to experience your life – fear and worry or accepting with gratitude and trust.

This is where applying mind-body connection strategies can help cultivate your willingness to be open to vulnerability, in order to be more whole. It is when you accept all the light, as well as the dark elements, of who you are. Total and complete self-acceptance is called for here. Start today and create a habit of connecting with your body to determine when you feel safe and when you don’t. Find your body’s safe indicators such as a peaceful, rhythmical breathing rate, relaxed muscles, and/or a settled stomach. Identify your body’s fear indicators such as shallow breathing, tight muscles, and/or upset stomach. Through practice and application, you can establish a new baseline, where opening yourself is the preferred behavior pattern. Learning to trust yourself is primary and once you do this, it becomes easier to trust others as well. Nurture owning what you perceive to be your truth, and don’t let another make you waver in your decision or perception. It is when you give your power to another, who you regard as superior or an authority, which brings about discontent and confusion. Choose yourself as the author of your life, for it is only you who can write a happy, balanced ending.