As this 2020-year has flown by, it’s truly fascinating how a thing that is invisible and undetectable to the naked eye has created such major shifts in social, economical, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The unknown has, and always will, create a certain sense of uneasiness largely due to the need for control, or lack of control. Although control is a false construct since ultimately we truly don’t have control – anything can happen for us at any time, good or bad.

Moving into 2021, and with the accelerated development, and now distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination, there are more looming unknowns. The first being that the COVID-19 vaccination is not a traditional vaccine, which has been based in the past on a dead or semi-live attenuated strain of the virus itself, but a year ago theoretical mRNA vaccine.

The true unknown – is this fast tracked vaccine safe or not? There are multiple sources disclosing people’s adverse reactions to the vaccine such as Bell’s palsy and anaphylactic shock, which has been under-reported by the mainstream media and news. Some other interesting facts of this supposed life saving vaccine, is that after receiving it, you can still spread the virus, you only have a two-month immunity, you still have to wear a mask, there is an increased HIV risk, a strong 10-15% reaction rate, and to top it all off, no manufacturer liability. You have no true guarantee that this vaccination will work and if you or a loved one have an extremely bad reaction to it, the pharmaceutical companies are not liable or responsible for a product they produced.

You literally have no insurance, but to trust the government and medical professionals encouraging you to take the vaccine. This is where health insurance comes in: the concept of health insurance is needed in case something should happen to you like a physical injury, a serious health crisis, or an internal organ problem. Your health insurance is there to cover most of your exorbitant health care costs. However, something that was designed to benefit you has become a puzzle that requires a lot of patience both on your part and your health GP. Long gone are the days when it was easy to have your MRI, CT scan, other diagnostic tests, and surgical procedures approved by your health insurance. Add insult to injury with health care insurance premiums constantly going up, while the amount and type of covered services are going down. So what gives?

Recently one of my practice members mentioned to me, how being under care with me is like them having health insurance. The time and resources invested in receiving guidance and care from me was analogous to health insurance except the only difference, was the great return they received which is their own empowerment and knowledge of what their body is communicating to them. I truly believe that the current health insurance should be renamed as sick insurance. The healthy individuals are the ones that are paying for the individuals who are not taking care of their health and wellbeing. My dream would be to have a wellness insurance, where an individual pays the premium and at the end of the year if you took care of yourself and didn’t have to use the insurance, you would get the premium back and any dividends the insurance policy gained over the year. This type of insurance would encourage individuals to take care of themselves and be proactive in their wellbeing and health.

Until this type of wellness insurance can be created as an option, the responsibility to take care of your health and wellbeing rests on you. This is where awareness of your body signals, and identifying what stressors or changes in your life impact you, becomes of the utmost importance.

After going through all the challenges of COVID this past year, make it a priority to keep your body’s constitution strong and take time to create a solid relationship with your body so you can become aware of when to make the necessary adjustments to stay healthy and well. Continue to increase your inner knowing and not succumb to fear. You have the power to keep your immune system and mental/emotional state strong, and step into this New Year, able to deal with whatever unknowns come your way.