Another powerful four-letter word is soul. Your soul, or spiritual light, is your beacon to safety when things don’t make sense and fear is continuously mounting. With the threats of the Delta variant causing more people to dial 911, and it overwhelming the medical system, Governor Ige and Mayor Blangiardi threatened to lock down the state to control the rising numbers. With a swift move, the safe health passport was mandated for some businesses such as gyms, restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues. The interesting part about this move, is that patrons are required to show proof of vaccination in order to dine in or work out at gyms. The unvaccinated individuals lose out and the start of segregation of the shot or “un-shot” has been initiated.

This was decided even though in the previous month, the CDC declared that the jabbed individuals carry the same viral load as unjabbed individuals, and can carry and transmit the Delta variant to people just the same. The safe health pass is supposed to help slow down the rising numbers even though the risk of transmission is the same? Does any of this make sense?

The fact that the autumnal equinox on September 22, 2021, represents the second time in the year when daytime and nighttime are equal, should be a reminder to find balance instead of segregation and division, before moving into the fall with shorter days and longer nights.

If the COVID shot was so effective, why is a booster being promoted? With the constant barrage of astronomical high case numbers being reported daily, it would be less stressful if they also provided the breakdown of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. There is constant pressure by the media and government officials towards those who have not gotten jabbed, and that they are the main reason for the high case numbers. Something has to give.

That is why I decided to talk about your strength of will and the resilience we have in each and every one of us. I am not sure if you have experienced the same in life, but anytime I have made a decision based on fear, it never worked out well.

With all the mounting pressures, uncertainty of a lock down or not, fear of getting COVID, and financial uncertainties, it is causing mental illness and anxieties and depression. This is where fortifying where you stand on important issues in your life becomes of the utmost importance. Knowing your inner truth and what you stand for is necessary to stay committed and focused during challenging and trying times.

Usually until we come to a point of extreme exasperation, we find ourselves calling out to a higher power whether it be God, Allah, or Buddha, to name a few. However, the one strong essence that is always with you is your soul. Ever since your birth, your soul has always been present.

Moments when you somehow had a feeling not to do something, and it allowed you to avoid a mishap or misfortune, was you listening to your inner guidance – your soul. Take time to connect with your inner voice, or soul, through quieting your mind, meditating, walking in nature, or swimming in the ocean, for example. The more you take time to find your quiet center, I promise you anxieties and fears will start to dwindle. This is where your strength of will and dedication to yourself comes in to help you form a solid mind-body-soul connection.

Your mind can create stories based on rationalizing events or taking into account supposed experts, versus you tuning into your own truth and body wisdom. When your body creates bizarre symptoms or health conditions, intimate knowledge of your body can help steer you away from dreadful scenarios the mind tends to create. The more you develop this sacred connection between mind, body, and soul, the more it will help you navigate your life with more ease and confidence.