In these confusing days of fake news, conspiracy theories, scientific research that is sponsored by big pharma, it’s vital and essential to question everything.  Even growing up, we were unwittingly conditioned by the words, actions, and examples that our parents showed us.  As you got older, have you ever found yourself exclaiming at times, “I’m doing what my father/mother says or does!”  I’ve learned over the years that the one thing you can trust and know to be true is what you perceive, because no one else can perceive what you do.  No one has lived your life and all your perceptions are galvanized by your life experiences – good or bad.

Supposed experts that want you to espouse their opinions while quoting scientific research are still biased due to their sponsors or those who fund their research or work.  As far as I can remember my mom would always complain that I would always ask her “why.”  She would tell me to do something and unless she gave me a valid reason why, I would keep asking until I deemed it satisfactory.  I remember my mother’s answer to my “why” questioning – “Because I told you so,” or “Because I know better.”

When it comes to an authoritative figure, especially if you give them power over you, it behooves you to check in with your intuition to see if their guidance or mandates hold true for you.  I do not like conflict at all, however I have learned that when I don’t stand up for something that doesn’t feel right, I create an internal conflict inside of me instead.

The power is yours to question anything that doesn’t sit well with you, even if it goes against the majority.  General consensus or acceptance may not be the right thing for you, so just know that being true to yourself and knowing what feels right, will always serve you.  It’s difficult to go against the current, and to believe in yourself enough to stand up against something when everyone else is going along with it.  The trick is to know when to challenge the authority and to have the wherewithal and gumption to stick to your guns.  Understand that sometimes you may be unable to explain or defend your choices and that doesn’t matter at all.  Become the authority of your life and it starts with asking questions and the powerful word, “why.”

You can apply this powerful word when your body is creating signals or ailments, in order to discover the root of your dis-ease.  When your back goes out or you get a headache out of the blue, you can ask yourself, “Why is my body creating this condition?” and then go through the other questions of when, how, and what.

By learning to observe and check in with what’s going on in your life just prior to when symptoms show up, you will learn how to listen to your body’s signals.  With practice, one day you’ll be able to identify what is going on in your life that is creating the health condition.  Your mind and body created the ailment, which means you can also heal the ailment.  It is by being open and willing to solve your body’s riddle, and taking ownership of your healing, that will empower you in other facets of your life.

Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask the “stupid” question.  It’s bizarre that what prevents us from asking questions is that we don’t want to be perceived as being ignorant or slow to catch on and understand.  However, by reframing your perception, you may see that asking questions actually helps you gain more certainty, and gives you the opportunity to determine if what you heard resonates with your truth or not.  You have the power to make choices, and having more information can help you decide what works best for you.  Push away the fears and lean in to the power of asking “WHY.”