If you take a look at the word dis-ease, it means that you are not in ease or in harmony with yourself and your life. Once you are at ease in your thoughts, as well as your emotions, you are in harmony and at ease. However, the word disease conjures up something to dread or something that needs to be avoided at all costs.

How can a word possess so much power and create such unease in people? It’s your perception that gives dis-ease its power. When a primary care physician or healer informs a person that they have a disease such as diabetes, a life threatening heart or respiratory condition, an illness, or in its extreme expression, cancer, most individuals go into a state of fear. The common questions that arise are how and why did this happen to me, how bad is it, is it curable, etc.

This fear can exponentially compound if you have experienced a close friend or loved one who was diagnosed with this condition and it didn’t go well. Adopting the mindset that everything happens for you and never to you, allows you to be open to understanding why this dis-ease has manifested in your life.

Could it possibly be that you needed to take time for yourself, because you have been helping everyone else around you and placing your needs last? Do you have the tendency to not ask for or receive help, or have a resistance to being vulnerable? If any of these questions apply to you, and you have not experienced any dis-ease or health malady, first knock on wood, then start paying attention to your body’s signals when feeling stressed.

Be proactive to insure you have the power of choice, versus reactive, and only reacting to others’ fears or recommendations. By tuning into you body signals now, you will help fortify and build your confidence when everyone around you is in fear mode. You are the true authority of your body. Don’t ever forget that.

Many times people feel that you must be weak to get a dis-ease, however, the benefits of having a dis-ease provide a plentitude of benefits such as time to take care of yourself, and make a change or shift in your life that you have been talking about but haven’t followed through with. You are able to see which friends and loved ones truly care about you and give you the opportunity to receive and be taken care of.

Attempt a different approach to dis-ease. Instead of managing and trying to get rid of it, reassess what is happening in your life that could bring you to this precarious situation, and then by understanding what you did to get to this point, you can take ownership and responsibility of the dis-ease and not be a victim of circumstance. You will be in a position of power, because you can address what needs to be resolved and make choices that will help you shift out of a state of dis-ease into one of ease.

Dis-ease brings you to a fork in the road. One path will lead you to be governed by fear and placing your faith in authoritative figures, while the other path will lead you to empowerment, choice, and discovery.

It all comes down to your perceptions. Choosing to create an intimate connection and knowing of your body’s signals, can go along way in helping you to achieve ease versus dis-ease or non-ease. Freedom of choice is your birthright. Know that you have the power inside of you to heal, become whole, and be aligned in your life.