A couple weeks ago, I went old school and had my mind body talk at my office (in person), exclusively, instead of on Zoom. Over the three years during the COVID pandemic, Zoom became a very useful platform that allowed my members and others who were interested, to connect, even though not in person.

Although Zoom allowed my members in Singapore, Scotland, California, and locally in Hawaii to connect in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, nothing quite beats connecting in person. There is something to be said of physical contact and being able to share a space with fellow souls who come with open hearts and ears. Being in close proximity trumps technological advances and why I feel it’s so vital for people to gather and meet in person. However, technology allows us the ability to connect when there is no other option, along with the convenience, which is essential as well.

It was touching and amazing to see members who only met on Zoom, to connect like they knew each other for years. What followed was an insightful conversation of how important it is to connect not only with family and friends, but more importantly with your own body and intuition.

The truth of the matter is that your intimate connection with your body is one, if not the most, important relationships to cultivate. It seems almost too simple and trite that treating and trusting your body, like it was your BFF (best friend forever) is essential in navigating your life, growing, and evolving. The ultimate cost of not building this lifelong relationship is the loss of your power and ability to self-heal. You will find yourself trusting outside authoritative figures instead of trusting your body and what feels right for you.

Your body is one, or possibly the most amazing creations by God. Did you know that your whole entire body, limbs, and internal organs are located on your feet and hands? Or that by learning to tune into your ki or chi (life force), you can sense when you need to rest or when you have extra energy to keep pushing on? The need for caffeine drinks such as Red Bull or coffee will no longer be necessary since you will learn to honor your body’s rhythms and be in sync with it. The days of ignoring your body’s signs such as tightness, restricted breathing, and weird symptoms will be gone, and instead replaced with increased awareness and knowledge of what proper actions to take to get back into harmony and ease. Your ability to self-heal will be enhanced and you will be able to live your life authentically and in alignment.

The true nature of your body is to heal and to get back into balance. Your body is constantly giving you feedback when you begin to stray and get off course and make decisions that cause you to be off balance. The more you ignore your body’s signals, the more your body starts to create disease or other health crises to get you to stop and reassess the choices you are making in order to right your ship.

The true key to healing is cultivating self-awareness, connecting, and knowing your unique body signals. The better you are at identifying your body’s unique codes and learning to take action to address whatever is causing you stress, will lead to greater wellness and well-being. You have the power to listen, pay heed to your body’s signals, and then take proper and timely action.

Besides connecting with friends, loved one, and like-minded individuals, choose to connect your mind with your body. It truly takes only two components to be successful.  The first is a sincere desire to increase your awareness, and the second is to take responsibility for the choices you make or don’t make in your life. Once you can create an intimate connection with your body and not take it for granted, the more empowered you will get in making the choices that resonate with your heart and your life.