The gift of presence is what a beloved pet can bring to your life. For the many guardians or caretakers, an amazing bond is formed between them and their doggies, cats, ponies, and even guinea pigs. This bond starts from the first experience together, and further deepens over time. I have heard many stories of how a particular doggie or puppy picked their caretakers versus the rational consensus that one buys or adopts a puppy or kitten. For any person who shares and cohabitates with these four-legged creations, an energetic connection is established and grows stronger over time. The guardians main concerns are to insure that the animals are happy, healthy, and vibrant. Especially since the only way pets can communicate is through body language, eye contact, or certain behaviors that are observed over time.

This past weekend I had the honor and pleasure in teaching and working with eight individuals who attended my Gift of Woof, Meow, Neigh Workshop. For those that do not know, for the past sixteen years I have been working on animals ranging from the smallest, such as guinea pigs and love birds to medium sized – dogs and cats, up to the largest, such as ponies and horses. As I help my practice members to breathe, gain greater awareness and empowerment in their abilities to heal and deal with stress better, I have also worked to instill and develop strategies for our four-legged brethren the same ability. Instead of “fixing” and “curing” an ailing dog or cat, I help them to develop their own internal strategies so that they can heal themselves.

The majority of the ladies in this particular group were brought together by Janis Goto, who is the owner of Cherished Movements, LLC, and for years has helped dogs heal via her unique combination of Healing Touch, massage, and hydrotherapy. Her goal has been to offer comfort and improve the functionality for dogs in all their life stages. Always looking to add to her unique talents, she encouraged her clients and friends to attend my workshop to discover another way to sense energy and bring more ease and healing to her four-legged clients.

It was a great weekend, where I thoroughly enjoyed sharing how it’s possible for anyone to feel and sense their energy and how it connects with one another. Many determine energy as being good or bad, however energy is pure and it’s the way you perceive energy that makes it good or bad. Anytime you see someone suffering or who is angry, it activates your own sadness and anger, which if you do not want to feel such emotion, you will determine it as bad energy. When someone is happy or peaceful, the energy may be perceived as good, since it is harmonious and not challenging. The overall goal of my workshop was to teach the attendees how to find certain spots on the dogs that create the greatest rapport and openness to receive and heal deeper. The focus for the administrator is to remain open, be present, and to observe for cues and signals leading you to know where to place your hands and connect.

By enhancing their awareness and tuning into the dogs that came on Sunday, each lady helped them to connect with their healing energies and achieve more ease and peace. It’s always inspiring for me to see how by being present and open, the demo doggies, as I call them, feel safe and allow themselves to receive and heal. Besides connecting, the amazing part of healing is that it is mutual – it goes both ways. I have witnessed over the years how a beloved pet can make a profound impact on their guardian’s lives. These four-legged angels first help their guardians to stay present in the moment as well as take them on a journey to help heal. I have seen many guardians that will do anything and everything to care for their pets, which leads them to self-discovery, a new lifestyle, and eventually apply what they do for their pets to themselves. If you don’t have a pet, know that you can still give yourself the gift of presence by taking time to breathe every so often, and pay attention to your body’s signs and reflect on what’s going on in your life.