I have often contemplated what prompts change and have come to the understanding that it is due to an increased awareness that allows change to emerge. Change may appear to be brought upon or forced, but in reality it “emerges” spontaneously. We may try to prepare or make plans for a change, but truly change is a sum total of a person becoming more consciously aware of what works, or doesn’t work, in their life. There is a tipping point, then there is a moment of clarity that often arises, just before the change happens.

The old saying “ignorance is bliss” perfectly exemplifies this concept. When you don’t know any better or are innocent to what is really happening, it’s easier to go through life with rose-colored glasses or a Pollyana outlook. It’s with an increasing awareness, comparing yourself to others, and having certain values that become superimposed upon your own, that create a disturbance leading to inspection and reassessing, instead of pure acceptance. When we are able to accept challenges when they arise in our lives instead of becoming incensed about why these challenges are happening to us, it aids in equilibrating our emotions and perturbed mental state. Learning to identify the benefits of challenges and the gifts that emerge from the challenge is essential to our growth and evolution.

The secret to finding ease and harmony is to accept what is happening in your life, and to find gratitude in the good and bad things that occur. Hence going back to the fool, being full of innocence and wonder in how life just unfolds without any expectations but just be-ing. The trick is to find awe and amazement in the twists and turns of your life. Finding the diamonds in the rough and making lemonade out of lemons is paramount when life doesn’t seem to go your way. Not comparing yourself to others and accepting perceived faults and strengths further helps you to accept with emergent change.

By nature we are creatures of habit and entertain a pseudo sense of control in our lives. Having a set routine or having a sense of what comes next helps one to feel secure. However, just keep in mind that change is, and always will be, a constant in our lives. For instance the day turns into night, the changing of the seasons, temperature shifts are all examples of how change is weaved into the fabric of our daily lives. The more that you accept change when it does arise, the more it will lead to less fear, and by paying attention and staying consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions, it will lead to confidence and trust that all will be okay when things shift. Listening and trusting your body’s signals further bring reassurance and a true knowing that all will be well. Keep building that inner trust in yourself and embrace the change!