Blog PostsHow many of you consider low back pain, knee pain, stomach pain, and even headaches as problems that need to be fixed ASAP! Or even a health ailment such as diabetes or high blood pressure, as an inconvenient issue that needs to be addressed, so that you can return to your so-called, normal life? What if I shared a different perspective about pain, or a disturbing health crisis as a blessing that your body created to give you the space and time to reassess what is going on in your life? Are you interested?

As crazy as it may sound, pain can actually be your best friend, which is like a final flare that is sent up in an emergency situation by your body to stop, pause, and reflect on what is going on in your life. It’s bringing attention to what feels off and is the best feedback mechanism that demands your focus.

Instead of being angry at the pain, ask yourself what is really bothering you right now – job stress, challenging personal relationships, family worries, decisions that need to be made, and/or financial pressures? The body is attempting to get your attention and pain unfortunately is the messenger we would like to kill or vanquish. Pain is a true attention-getter that is hard to ignore if it is screaming at you.

So instead of disconnecting from the pain and your body, take heed to what is currently going on in your life that matches the intensity of the pain you feel. Becoming aware of the pain is first, then acknowledgment and acceptance of what is changing in your life – whether good or bad, helps to deal with the unfamiliarity of the current changes happening.

Tuning in, rather than ignoring or trying to fix/cure the pain or health crisis leads to unfolding a new path towards healing and wholeness. Embracing the pain and learning to identify what stressors are the underlying causes of the pain lead to acceptance and true healing. Healing and becoming “whole” is accomplished by fully accepting your life – seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good. Learning to trust yourself and your body’s signals will help bring more ease and peace in your life and body.