It’s amazing how the term that is so pervasive right now, and is determined as the method to prevent the spread of COVID-19, along with washing your hands thoroughly, and not touching your face. Saying the term, “social distancing,” feels so wrong, down deep, in my gut. This feeling has been perplexing for me ever since I initially heard it. I didn’t know why, until realizing that the power of being human is to connect with loved ones, friends, and other human beings.

So why the use of the term, “social distancing?” It’s more like “physical distancing!” Being social and connecting with others help to make life feel complete. To be seen, to be heard, and to have conversation. Human connection is a valued commodity that has been taken for granted. The need to socialize is at the heart of any society. Without social interaction, you literally don’t have a society, or a dead one for that matter.  One of the blessings of COVID-19 is that it’s forcing the people of our society to find ways to connect without connecting in person.

Although in my opinion, physical touch such as a comforting embrace, hug, or touch, trumps all, but the next best option is to connect by voice or visually. Hence the creation of conference calls and workshops using platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live, and Google, for example, helps you stay connected with family, friends, co-workers, and clients.  The need to connect with others is just as essential as breathing.  I came across research studies that discovered how isolation and being without personal connection affects your mental and emotional state adversely.

It takes a special mindset to not allow fear of the unexpected to overwhelm your mind and create over analysis paralysis.  This special mindset is not exclusive to lucky ones, but it takes a determined effort and willingness to address your fears and look at the reasons underlying the fears.  Just as a reminder, the acronym of FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real!  Don’t be afraid to ask and question especially when you are told something, and it doesn’t sit well with you.  Remember the flipside of fear is faith.  You are the one that has full control of what thoughts you choose to entertain – fear or faith.  By knowing your body’s response to fear will give you a signal to determine if the choices you make are fear-based.

During these uncertain times, the one true source you can trust is your intuition.  Authoritative sources such as the government, trusted advisors, and the media, pale in comparison to your own truth that is deep within each and every one of you.  You have the innate ability to heal and the power to entertain positive thoughts or negative ones.  The choice is yours and yours alone.  The ability to stay open and determine what information to trust and believe in, gives you power.  Also know that your loved ones, friends, and the bigger community is a source of power and support.

In closing, choose physical distancing if it makes you feel safe, but not social distancing.  Social distancing will cause more damage in the long run, leading to emotional isolation and unfounded mental suspicions.  Let this current challenge of COVID shift into an acronym of Create Open Vibrant Inspiring Dreams, and shift the world one thought at a time!