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Self-Acceptance – One of the Keys to Master the Mind-Body Connection

In this life letter, I will be discussing one of the three keys essential to establishing and sustaining an intimate mind-body connection and navigating through life seamlessly. If we are able to incorporate just this one key into practice, it will allow a sense of peace and “ease” in one’s body and life. Self-acceptance is this key. May seem too simple of a concept, but it is very difficult to achieve and maintain, due to our incessant need to compare ourselves to others. Living up to the Jones’s is a common reality that many are plagued with in society – living up to someone else’s lifestyle, financial status, or social acceptance. It’s all based on sacrificing one’s self to a perceived higher authority or the need to feel accepted.

How many times have you found yourself attempting to keep up with the latest fashion, or look in the mirror and wish that you had one less love handle or a single chin versus a double? It doesn’t help that society pushes us to value what’s trending or to have a certain appearance. What does it take for someone to gain self-acceptance? The first step towards self-acceptance is understanding that we have parts of ourselves that we admire and parts that we don’t care for. Instead of focusing on our “likeable” and redeemable qualities, we mull and fuss over the “undesirables” and the parts of ourselves that we want to be different. This judgment amplified by comments made by family members or loved ones oftentimes crafts and molds the way we behave and perceive life. Remember when we don’t accept something about ourselves, how can anyone else do the same and accept us for who we truly are?

Take the initiative to start accepting the parts of yourself that you don’t particularly care for such as your weight, over-bearing personality, need to be right, desire to be heard and seen. Although there are individuals who have no problem walking to the beat of their own drum, there are many others who want to be loved and accepted, and will bend to others’ wills and requests. Remind yourself that it takes time to alter one’s behavior and modify one’s perspective. Be gentler on yourself when you start berating yourself for returning to old patterns of thinking and behaving. Know that life is a process and beginning now to accept yourself will go a long way to enjoying a fulfilling, satisfying life.


Understand that your inability to accept one or all body parts will slowly lead to physical, mental, and emotional blocks; eventually leading to “dis-ease” and many body dysfunctions amounting to discontent and suffering. That is why self-acceptance is vital to one trusting and establishing a strong mind-body connection. Until the mind and body work together in unison, either the mind will overpower the body until the body takes over in the form of extreme pain, health ailments, or sickness. The time is now to start honoring and accepting your uniqueness. Take baby steps to appreciate your body and how it is an expression of you! Get accustomed to looking in the mirror from time to time, and accept the face looking back at you. Begin to love and accept all of your features and see how your inner beauty is expressed in the outer form. By following these simple steps, it will eventually help you to accept yourself fully, and bring connection to your body and usher more harmony into your life.

If you can relate, or have a story to share, please comment below.  There is a benefit in expressing and exchanging our stories.  Let’s hear it!