The red or blue pill, which one do you choose to take.  If you don’t know about this meme, it was from a scene in the blockbuster hit, The Matrix, in 1999 starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.  Morpheus offered Neo a choice to take the red pill or the blue pill.  If he took the blue pill, he would wake up in his bed like nothing happened, resuming the life of “blissful ignorance,” the one he has always known.  If he takes the red pill, it would reveal the unpleasant truth, and like Alice in Wonderland, he will get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.  I chose this meme, because it’s been nearly half a year since the threat of COVID-19 has been perpetuated by the media and government, and with the recent tiered opening of Hawaii after a second lock down, people are starting to question what’s really going on.

I took a screenshot back on September 8, 2020 of the official website, of the comorbidity of all deaths caused by COVID-19 alone, and it was shown to be a lowly 6%.  This statistic pales in comparison to the projected hundreds of thousands of deaths to be caused by COVID-19, plus deaths that Anthony Fauci and the CDC were warning all of America back in April and May that would occur.  This lowly statistic of deaths caused by COVID-19 should have been celebrated and shared by the mainstream media, major newspapers, and even our beloved lieutenant governor and state officials.  So why does this fact appear to be seemingly overlooked, and the constant push to wear cloth masks (that have no true protective value) and keeping six foot distancing the constant message?


Small businesses are on life support and many restaurants are being pushed to the brink of going out of business.  Cases of depression, mental health issues, and domestic violence are on the rise, along with more and more people filing for unemployment.  The time is now to become awake, think critically, and start asking questions.  You have the power to choose how you want to be – to live in fear or to choose to live.  Although COVID-19 has brought many gifts such as the decrease in traffic, time to reflect and reassess what works and doesn’t work in your life, and to prioritize your values, the repression of our society and ability to connect with loved ones has taken place.

Remember that you have the ability to think, and the power to choose.  Make choices that feel right and make sense.  Check the sources of information that you are following and when something lacks common sense and you find yourself saying, “huh?” it’s your intuition communicating with you.  That’s why connecting with your body and investing the time now, to make it your best friend, is of vital importance.  The one thing you can trust is your own body.  Your body is constantly giving you feedback to let you know when you are aligned with yourself or when you are not.  Get to know your body’s signals of fear, anger, sadness, joy, and ease.  The more you understand your own body language, the more confidence and trust you will have in how you live your life.  Sometimes the truth may be uncomfortable (like the red pill), but knowledge is power.  What you do with that knowledge makes all the difference.  Choose freedom, connect with loved ones, be a part of the greater community, and dare to dream and live a memorable life.