Noticing is the precursor to becoming aware. I have noticed in the past few years the need for many to become more aware as a growing trend. Empowering gurus and life coaches have created exercises and techniques to become more aware. How do you increase your awareness? What does it mean to be more aware? It begins with a choice to become aware and is sustained by a desire to develop personally.

I have found the term “awareness,” although self-explanatory, is often times hard to comprehend or define. You can choose to become aware of your physical body, your feelings and emotions, and subtle energetic shifts in your environment. The bigger question is how does increased self-awareness benefit you? Why would you choose to become aware? I have often seen mounting self-imposed pressures for people wanting increased awareness, with growing frustrations when unable to make the necessary changes and improve their lives. The appropriate expression, “ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.” Once you become aware it’s like turning on the light in a darkened room.   You can no longer turn a blind eye or feign not knowing, you now know and must respond accordingly.

Becoming aware is the first step, then eventually taking action, which then culminates to change. Change happens spontaneously when there is a steady build up of awareness. Once enough awareness is witnessed, there is a tipping point that elicits change. Which brings up this issue of awareness and becoming more aware. It can be very simple to become aware, but with the rapid pace of life, awareness becomes a footnote and goes on the back burner.

This is where the term noticing comes into play. I recently became aware of noticing by one of my practice members. Her name is Olivera Milojkovic who went through menopause early at the age of 38 and from her experience had an awakening and prompted her to write her book, Awakening Through Menopause. She shared how noticing is a gentle invitation to becoming aware. Contemplating this concept, I realized that this term is essential for those individuals desiring to become aware. Start to notice how your body responds to stress and how unforeseen challenges impact the way you breathe and if any body symptoms arise. Notice your thoughts and what judgments arise. By staying present in the moment, allows you to suspend judgment and to just be. If you want to become aware begin with noticing and embrace how amazing life can be.