Why is it that as the year comes to a close, we start reflecting on the things we didn’t do, and focus on making resolutions in the New Year? Either eating a little healthier, getting back to a regular exercise regimen, or getting rid of anything that doesn’t work for us? Why do we feel that things will be better in the New Year, if we make different choices, and put them in action? Why not choose right now and decide what action to take, and then just do it? Don’t wait until January 1st rolls around, to start making a change. If you still want to wait for the first, then you can always create a plan in the next week, with the intention to execute the plan in January.

However, nothing is like the present moment, and the more we choose to take action, versus staying inactive, will benefit us in the long term. Timing, though, is also crucial, and I have found that like the blossoming of a rose, everything has its perfect time and place. However, by tuning into your body and recognizing its signs, you will know when to take action. This is where the mind-body connection aids you in taking the right action at the right time. You will feel it internally – if you go against something where action is required – with your body giving you instant feedback bringing about this awareness. It may take the form of an upset stomach or feeling increased anxiety. The internal knowing may take the form of calm reassurance and increased mental focus and clarity.

Give yourself permission right now, and take the initiative to make the shifts that feel right for you. Be gentler to yourself for not taking action sooner, because there’s a reason you didn’t initiate the green light. The reason for not taking action sooner, is not because you are lazy or unmotivated, but it’s due to those action steps that you deem as unimportant. It may be important to others, or you may feel that you ought to do it, but unless it’s truly important to you, lack of determination and non-action will result. Judging less and being more accepting of one’s life choices is the way to go.

Start the New Year with a different perspective, and ask yourself periodically, “Why not me and why not now?” Realizing that you have only one life to live, why not live a life that is filled with wonder, inspiration, and purpose? By taking the initiative to decide how your life will unfold, and staying true to what’s most important to you, will help you live an amazing life. Just know that you can start afresh and anew anytime. You are the only one limiting what you can experience in this lifetime. Learn to know thyself and trust in your inner guidance, which is guided by the signals and feedback of your innate body wisdom.