It’s rather fascinating how we get excited about embarking on a new adventure, and at the same time, become apprehensive about not knowing what to expect. We expend boundless amounts of energy and time attempting to gain some assurance that the leap we are taking is the right one. When truly, taking the leap into the unknown takes courage and the willingness to trust that you will land on your feet, no matter how short or far you go.

Many ponder and think what it would be like to make changes in their life. Many fall short due to fears of the unknown, and choose to accept their current station in life, even when they are miserable and know deep down inside that life could be vastly different. Why do many choose to stay in their predicament? The reason lies in the fact that we all have our stories or reasons for why we do what we do. Whenever we wish that life were different and want changes, the reason we don’t act on it, is that we have secondary benefits from our current situation. Until the “Why’s” becomes big enough and painfully uncomfortable, are we then prompted to initiate and follow through with change.

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We all create stories about why our life is the way it is. The reasons for our limitations, whether it stems from bad decisions, financial issues, familial problems, lack of education, lack of credentials, all serve to substantiate why our life is the way it is. Many believe so strongly in these stories that it has become intertwined into the fabric of their lives, making change extremely difficult. Even for the consciously aware individuals, it’s amazing how quickly old, justification stories surface when being challenged.

I can attest to my old stories popping up from time to time, and even the ones that I thought I addressed and transformed still linger and arise in times when I doubt myself or am going through change. For instance, this new adventure of putting myself out there as a “Mind-Body” expert with the release of my app, book, and website appropriately named, “Infinite Body Awareness”, has brought up fears and questioning myself, “Who am I to share this information?” My small “Me” constantly nags at my consciousness that I could have chosen to stay quiet and just share my insights with the people I work on. However, my mission to empower as many people as possible through developing an intimate inner-knowing of how their mental and emotional state impacts their bodies I feel is critical in this day and age. Although the fear of rejection is strong, my inner-sense of purpose and calling trumps that every time. I choose to share what I have learned over the past sixteen years so that others can find more harmony and ease in their lives.

I truly believe that the time is now, for people who are seeking to take responsibility and ownership of their health, and they can do so by learning to listen to the signals of their body. To deepen their trust and inner resolve to tune in to their intuition and follow their hearts is paramount. The willingness to pause at certain moments and check in to see if they are in alignment with their values and what they hold true, is essential. Knowing thyself comes first, then acceptance, and finally loving oneself unconditionally. Understanding that all things have an ending, always providing opportunities for new beginnings. The more you trust yourself and stand firm in what you believe in will ultimately allow you to be in harmony in your mental/emotional state; illustrating as vibrant health and a life you can fully embrace!