Albert Einstein has been credited with the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. How many times have you experienced repeating the same behavior again and again? Each time vowing to yourself that next time you will not make the same mistake and deal with things differently. How many of you have mentally chastised yourself and beat yourself up for not making changes and repeating the same behaviors you consider bad?

What I have observed in myself and practice members over the past 19 years – human beings are creatures of habit and like set routines. It takes a lot more energy to change a habit than to follow habituated patterns and the usual go-to behaviors. I have discovered that change happens at the tipping point when one has enough awareness to have a big enough why to initiate and sustain a change in behaviors or actions.

This is where you can use mind-body strategies and awareness of your body’s signals to clue you in on what’s happening. By establishing a relationship with your body and tuning in to your body’s signals when under stress, feelings of overwhelm, and mental/emotional clarity or confusion, it will assist you in knowing when to shift and make a change. Once again, routine is the norm and change is inevitable, although not always welcomed.

Start to notice when you feel some muscle tightness in your body or a change in your breathing pattern, and shifts in your energy and vitality. By taking 15 seconds to a minute throughout your day to check in with how your body is feeling or what it is expressing, will go a long way in increasing your awareness and mind-body connection. Create a dialogue with your body’s signals and make it a practice to reflect on what was, or is, going on when you start feeling muscle tension or pains. It takes a sincere desire and commitment to understand the subtle nuances of your body, so that way you can avoid big health crises and intense painful episodes.

Freedom of will and the ability to make a choice gives you the power to make changes or shifts that in the long term will bring more wholeness and balance in your life. Take three deep breaths when you find yourself reacting to a situation or when your emotions are getting the better of you. Breath serves as a reset button; brings you back into the present and gives you the opportunity to make a choice instead of staying in reactive mode. Use breath, as well as being mindful of your body’s signals, in order to stay consciously present in the moment. Create your present instead of being run by your past conditioning.