Embrace the ending of 2017 with all the ups and downs that came this year. The more conscious you are when certain life stressors or old patterns arise, will give you an opportunity to choose instead of reacting; hence staying more equilibrated mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. How to stay in that zone of presence is where using the mind-body connection can play a key role in giving you the inside track to when you are in alignment with your life and following your inner compass.

Your body is constantly giving you feedback in the form of body symptoms such as muscle tension, pain, copious amounts or lack of energy, mental clarity, and body ease. All these body symptoms are in response to life changes whether they are good or bad. Change elicits stress and by being aware of how this stress impacts you allows for self-reflection and the ability to determine how you respond and deal with stress. Just know that there is no right or wrong way to deal with stress, just a choice. If the choice you make creates more pain and disturbance in your life, it’s considered wrong, while happiness and ease is correlated as being right. However, sometimes making the right choice for you may create discomfort and pain especially if you are not used to saying no for instance, or choosing yourself first instead of people pleasing.

The way to jump-start your 2018 is to first learn and recognize your body’s response and signals to life stressors. When the body creates tension, pain, or some health ailment, it is not punishing you, but nudging you to pay attention to what feels right or wrong in your life. Keeping this concept in mind will help you as you start connecting your mind to the body. Paying attention, tuning in, and connecting to your body’s signals is the first step. The next step, which takes some practice, is to begin asking yourself questions that will bring more conscious awareness of what you are feeling and what is currently affecting you. Be brutally honest with yourself and connecting to your feelings will help you discover where you are out of balance and you can bring yourself back to ease quicker.

Connecting the mind to the body is a strategy and a practice that requires a willingness and desire to take ownership of your healing journey and your life. As you invest time and become more consciously aware of your body’s signals, you will discover ways to utilize stress instead of just managing it. You have the power to create the life you choose, and one way to keep on track is to incorporate the mind-body connection to increase your awareness. Increased awareness is key in creating an amazing 2018!