I have always pondered the difference between these two words and found that I prefer “be-ing” inspired instead of “getting” motivated. Being inspired comes from the inside – where no enticements or rewards are needed to do something. When you are inspired, then you are infused with a sense of direction, purpose, and a storehouse of energy to make that wish into a reality. Getting motivated, always appeared to come from the outside, one needing encouragement or some reward to strive and make things happen or achieve a set goal. Such as a person needing a motivational speech or a reason to take action and accomplish a certain task at hand.

I have discovered that when inspired, a person will go through hardships and challenges, but is sustained by the light of inspiration to manifest that desire, which comes from the depths of our being. “Be-ing” inspired is uplifting and expansive, versus motivation as being coerced and “to push” instead of to just be. For example growing up, it was all the have-tos and musts that many times drove us to do something, which we felt we had to do. There has to be a big enough “why” to take action and commit.

In the past when I didn’t feel inspired and just felt blah, I felt that I wasted my day. I learned to judge myself less and instead of labeling myself lazy, I reframed it to, “I was inspired to do nothing.” Yes I have moments where I am not inspired to take action or do things, but to just chill and check out for a bit. Be-ing human is learning to accept the good things that we do as well as the not so good things. Laziness is not an appropriate label, since it is all based upon another’s perspective of what they deem is right and productive. We will always do what we value the most, and not take action on things that we place less emphasis on. Who wakes up every morning, saying it’s a great day to clean my house, or to wash the dishes? Unless you value orderliness and cleanliness, then that would be something you probably don’t envision when you wake up.

My suggestion to find your inspiration is to ask yourself questions and see how your body responds. When you take a deep breath and feel your body more at ease when you touch upon something that inspires you, make a mental note. Often times if something truly inspires you, you will feel excitement, a sense of knowing, and also a bit of fear too. A tear of gratitude may come to your eyes as you awaken to your inner desire. Be courageous and take some time to reassess what’s going on in your life and reflect. Know that like the tide inspiration may come in waves, but when something truly inspires you, nothing will keep you from achieving it! Motivation is not needed and you can follow your heart and truth!