The one thing you can expect about life is that things will constantly change and never stay the same. The idea of control is an illusion created to give many peace of mind. However, the one thing that you do have control over is your mind and how you choose to perceive life, events, and situations. If you allow your fears to dictate how you live your life then nothing good can come from it. Uncertainty about the status of your body that can only be confirmed by lab tests and yearly medical routine check ups, may provide some peace of mind.

The old saying, don’t fix it til it’s broke, is widely accepted in this day and age. Part of this perception was created when we were teenagers having lots of energy and feeling indestructible, which led to this ideology that unfortunately persists into one’s thirties, forties, and even fifties. It’s not until some major health crisis occurs that shakes a person to reassess their health and overall body constitution. Health professionals and society cite that it’s due to aging and the natural progression as you get older that leads to slow deterioration and eventual decline in your health and well-being. However, ignoring your body’s signals in response to an ever-changing world, I perceive, is the real culprit.

Ignoring subtle body signals such as muscle tension, poor posture, lack of focus, and restless sleep is just the beginning. Eventually these symptoms lead to muscle aches, high blood pressure, allergies, and diabetes to name a few. Recently there have been increasing occurrences of bizarre health symptoms and conditions, which either cannot be explained or diagnosed. Prompting many to ask for second or even third opinions. Health practitioners are doing their best to help people identify what is amiss, but the true knowing of what’s wrong lies within each individual.

Cultivating a greater connection with your body and interpreting your body’s signals will go a long way towards you becoming more empowered in your healing process. Becoming aware and listening to your body is your choice to be proactive in how you live your life. Instead of giving your power away to another, take the time now to listen to the subtle nuances of your body when you are dealing with stressful situations or challenging people. Learn your body’s language. Addressing the stressors in your life now, will help to insure you remain youthful. Staying present in life will also increase your resilience and ability to make the necessary adjustments along the way to insure continued vibrant health.