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Health is the greatest possession.

Contentment is the greatest treasure.

Confidence is the greatest friend.

Non-being is the greatest joy

~ Lao Tzu

I came across this quote a few months ago, and decided the concepts presented were ideal for my Life Letter. With the passing of my father, I have done an extensive amount of self-reflection to see the state of my health. Ever since 11 years ago and upon looking in the mirror and not recognizing the unhealthy, out-of-shape “me” looking back, I made a conscious effort to make sure that I took care of my health – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I make sure that my physical health is addressed – maintain ideal cardiac shape, attempt to eat a balanced diet, drink adequate amounts of water, and rest from time to time. I attempt to keep my thoughts and emotions balanced and equilibrated by entertaining positive thoughts, acknowledging my feelings and emotions, and by listening to my body’s signals to know when stress is starting to wear on me.

I do realize that having vibrant health is my greatest possession, and feel that it is essential for many to embrace this as well. I feel that if you do not take care of your health and well-being, then it’s just a matter of time of when you will be forced to, when a health crisis arises. However, by that time, it takes more energy, strength of will, and not to mention financial resources, to bring you back to a normal state of health. It’s like saving for retirement, if you invest consistently, little by little, over time, your finances begin to compound, and within 30 years you have a substantial amount of finances at your disposal. Your health works in the same way – the more time you take now to connect with your body, learn to identify how stress impacts you, and having the strategies and wherewithal to address stress earlier instead of waiting for later, insures you a more sustained life of well-being and contentment. That’s how contentment or “ease” becomes your greatest treasure, because now you have more peace of mind. Think of a settled mind as a treasure in a secure vault that can withstand the woes of anxiety, worry, and fear.

Establishing harmony in one’s mind and body can be further enjoyed when you add self-confidence to the mix. By understanding your body’s signals to stress or knowing your body’s response to either pleasurable or uncomfortable feelings, you essentially have more presence in your life. By being in the “now”, you are able to sense when something shifts – good or bad; and have the ability to make the necessary adjustments to achieve an equilibrated state physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By becoming “friends” with your body and learning to decipher it’s signals, you can trust it as your “life coach” and gain greater confidence.

Non-being is considered as the “space” that inhabits the being. By owning “yourself” you achieve a state where you regain the center of your life and find meaning in your actions. The mind-body connection allows you to have a greater command and awareness of how and why you do what you do. When you go against your own inner guidance, symptoms such as body pains, tension, health crises arise. Learn to live by inspiration instead of the have to’s and should’s. Why “should” all over yourself when you can choose to be your true authentic self and just “be”. When you inhabit who you are and own it, happiness and joy are the end results.

So I want to ask you to think about what your greatest possession is. Do you agree that your health is the greatest possession, or is their something that you deem higher? The reason for this inquiry is that we all have a different set of values in what we choose to focus on. For instance, a person who values their family may view their children and grandchildren as their greatest possession and for another who values their art collection or financial success as theirs. I do urge you to consider making your health as your most valued possession, because over time it will serve you to live a vibrant, inspired life. Continue learning to trust your body and yourself, in order to achieve freedom from worry, anxiety, and fear.