Due to reported lower case numbers for the past two months, the Governor is lessening his controlling grip come December 1, all for the sake of everyone being good model locals for keeping COVID-19 at bay.  The COVID-19 threat is still perpetuated by the mainstream media now warning people about the new COVID-19 variant threat of Omicron coming our way.

For the past few weeks, the Star-Advertiser has been warning of another potential rise in COVID numbers come this winter season.  Instead of reassuring the public that the threat of COVID-19 will be overcome due to all the vaccinations, the individuals who choose not to get the shot are being criticized and ostracized.

For the past two months, people have been encouraged to get the COVID-19 booster shot to protect them from any new variants, and besides that, the Flu shot.  Apparently, the flu has quietly been making an entrance in 2021, after it just up and disappeared altogether in 2020 due to the bully, COVID-19.

Weren’t people encouraged to get the COVID-19 shot earlier to protect them and that the shot was reported as being 96% effective?  People are now being told they need to take the booster shot to be protected from the variants, since the shot’s effectiveness lasts six months or so.  Does this make any sense?

People are looking for assurances, however by staying curious, and questioning when things don’t make sense, it will help prevent you from moving into a state of fear.  Although to accomplish this in today’s current state of affairs is nothing short of challenging.

The constant reminder by the news and government, is that unless everyone is vaccinated, no one is safe from the threat of COVID-19, and because of the Delta variant, there are more variants to come.  The new poster-boy variant, Omicron, is now the threat that needs to be taken seriously, otherwise resulting in more deaths.

Is the entire Greek alphabet going to be used to describe the COVID-19 variants in the future?  How come influenza, AKA the common cold, doesn’t have any flashy names for their variants, and the world has dealt with them every winter season, with a panel of experts predicting the four potential flu variant strains that most likely will show up in the upcoming flu season.  Did you know that the production for the flu shot starts a year in advance to make sure there is an adequate supply of flu shots for the entire world?  So, how will these panel of experts select the four strains of flu viruses for this upcoming winter season, when the flu was MIA in 2020?  Don’t know about you, but some things just make me go hmmm.

I encourage all of you to take some time before the end of 2021 to reflect and reassess how this year went and identify what worked and didn’t work.  Take a look and see which relationships you want to keep, and which ones are no longer a priority. However, the one relationship to really build on is the relationship with your “self.”

What better time than now to enhance your intuition and shore up your own inner truth and knowledge of yourself.  By understanding your body’s response to stressful situations, as well as joyful ones, can give you a quicker recognition of what’s affecting you or not.  Then when you must make shifts in your life, you can decide with more confidence and clarity supported by your best friend, your body.

Use your own unique mind-body connection to blaze a path, not in this “new normal,” but rather, our “new reality.”  Be proactive in taking care of your physical body through exercise, proper diet, and sleep, your mental and emotional body by choosing to entertain positive thoughts instead of negative ones – stay away from the news and those Debbie Downers, and fortify your spiritual beliefs and faith.  You will always have the power to choose.  Don’t let fear, or an overreaching authoritative government, take your ability to critically analyze and choose what feels right to you.

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to prioritize your own happiness over someone else’s.  However, if you have a clear internal sense of your identity – you will no longer have to hold your boundaries.  It literally becomes effortless to hold your boundaries because you are be-ing yourself.  Trust in yourself, and that way, you don’t have to “hold the line” –  which is energetically tiring and wears on you.  Be better because you choose to.  It’s not about showing that you are, but because you know it to be true.