This quote seems rather pertinent in light of what’s been happening for the past year and a half, with COVID-19 and the strange disappearance of the common flu. There’s a lot to be grateful for with the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of this month. At the same time, the ever-pervasive threat of COVID-19 (which is constantly perpetuated by the media and government officials) seems to be shaping our choices, causing restrictive mandates, and the slow erosion of our freedoms.

The compromised population of the elderly and individuals with comorbidities have been confined to their care homes with limited visitation, which makes logical sense since they have the greatest chance of getting affected by COVID-19. However, the rest of the healthy population are slowly but surely, losing their freedom and getting accustomed and acclimated to what the government wants enforced, all in the name of a medical emergency.

There’s a constant push to vaccinate everyone, with the supposed passing to allow the jabs all the way down to 5-year-olds. What’s next? If you don’t comply and get jabbed, will you be excluded from participating in society? It seems to be coming to fruition, where you need to show proof of vaccination to sporting events, restaurants, movie theaters, funeral services, and concerts.

If the jabs were truly about ensuring herd immunity, as had been stated when the shots were first released, why aren’t individuals who were actually infected with COVID-19, recovered, and now have natural immunity, not allowed the same privileges as those with the shots? The CDC has confirmed a few months ago that even with the shot, individuals can still get COVID and transmit the virus as well.

Why would the media promote that the pandemic was caused by the unvaccinated a few months ago? A few days ago, the Star-Advertiser cited studies showing the shots were more effective than people who previously got COVID. Does this make any sense?

Growing up as a child, all the childhood diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, and measles were not feared. Children were encouraged to be exposed in order to ascertain natural immunity to those viruses. Is COVID-19 that special, that our own natural immunity is not enough to deal with this threat, even when it has been shown by science to have a recovery rate of roughly 98%? Once again, does this make any sense?
Individuals who choose to not get the shot are waiting for the true ingredients of the shots to be disclosed so they can make an informed decision of putting anything foreign into their bodies. You have a legal and unalienable right to decide what gets put into your body and based upon the Nuremberg principles, no entity can coerce, threaten, or force a person to do otherwise.

Fear is a powerful tool, as shown back in World War II, where the Nazis used propaganda to persuade their country to accept their particular idea, and accomplished this by using biased material or by stirring up emotions. Right now, there’s pervasive censorship of any individual who challenges the mainstream narrative that you must get the shot to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and get to a new normal. What happened to freedom of speech and expression to be able to question what is happening in our society?

My fear is that we are slowly being conditioned to accept a new way of living, and if you are not a part of the majority, then you will be isolated and separated from society. My mission has always been to empower individuals to trust their true selves and live life in the present. Currently, it seems with all the restrictive mandates, our power to choose and live is slowly, but surely, being taken away.

Remember that you have the power to choose. Don’t let fear be the driver in your life. I have shared in a previous blog that the acronym for FEAR is false evidence appearing real; this is where instead of questioning and challenging the evidence provided by certain experts and studies, you take it at face value. So, question when something you are told doesn’t feel right, even within your own mind. If you find yourself shallow breathing or tensing up, it’s probably due to your body signaling that you are in fight or flight mode and in fear.

All of us are getting closer and closer to a precipice, so the question is, “How do you want to live your life?” Do you want to make decisions based on future fears of death or suffering, or by questioning what is being told or sold to us? We are being challenged on so many levels at this time, and a lot of these challenges are not in plain sight. The one thing that you can trust is your body’s signals, your inner voice, and intuition. It’s that deep inner knowing, and if you follow this voice, even if it’s not rational or make any sense, it will always be to your benefit. Don’t let fear dictate or paralyze you. Protect your freedom to choose what you put into your body, and know your truth and live in that knowledge and wisdom.