This term is most applicable to what is currently going on in the world and the state of affairs with the uprising of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  It’s truly amazing how a microscopic entity can create such major disruption in travel, generate fear of one’s mortality, and even financial security with the recent epic drops in the stock market.

It’s rather fascinating that although the Coronavirus is highly contagious, the mortality/fatality rate is at a measly 2%, and only rises to 14% for individuals 80 years and above, or immune-compromised individuals.  In comparison, the Ebola virus fatality rate is between 25-90%, SARS in 2003 was determined at 10%, and MERS in 2012 was determined at 35%.  SARS and MERS came and went with way less fanfare than the Coronavirus, and so why is it that this particular virus is creating such great worldwide panic and fear?

Could this quickly spreading fear be due to the internet?  Or perhaps the news and social media that constantly keep the Coronavirus in people’s consciousness, along with the world’s governments going into red alert?  I am not saying that you should not be afraid, but definitely question the sources, look at the statistics, and do your own self-assessment.

If you are taking care of yourself, eating well, exercising, choosing to entertain positive, affirmative thoughts, and are inspired about your life, do you think the Coronavirus can take hold of your health and well-being?  I have also theorized for years that a bacteria and virus energetic level is extremely low compared to that of humans, and can only be expressed when your energy levels are being taxed, and have dropped to the energetic level of the virus.  So, self-care – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – will go a long way in insuring that you stay healthy and remain inspired living the life you love.

In regards to fear, I learned a while back that anything that you fear, will eventually be manifested into your life.  Many of you might be thinking that this is so preposterous; why in the world would you create the very thing you fear the most?  The simple explanation is growth and evolution.

Reflect on your life and see if any fears you had in the past have come to pass, and if so, what did you learn and glean from that experience?  I bet you gained a greater sense of confidence from your ability to deal with something you thought would be the scariest and worst thing to ever to go through.  The upside of facing your fears is knowing that you got through it, are still alive, and through experience, even as uncomfortable and challenging it was, you no longer have to fear it.  Now you have solid experiential evidence, where before you only had possible scenarios in your mind.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the 1937 personal finance book, Think and Grow Rich, identified six basic fears that plague society:

  1. Fear of poverty
  2. Fear of criticism
  3. Fear of ill health
  4. Fear of loss of love
  5. Fear of old age
  6. Fear of death

If any of these are your fears, choose to take a look at what the origins are, and why it affects you.  Napoleon Hill gives suggestions on how to deal with these so-called fears, but by connecting with your body and learning to identify your body’s signals in response to stress and fear, will empower you to determine whether the fears you have are valid or just mental creations.  Know that you have the power to reframe your experience, or that which you fear, and with credible knowledge and application of that knowledge, leads to wisdom.