I recently took an online workshop with Dr. John Demartini, who created his own methodology called the Demartini Method TM, with his workshop called the Breakthrough Experience. His take on healing is one based on balancing someone’s perspective. Through his extensive years of research and teaching, he has discovered that we live our lives based on our own unique set of values. We have a hierarchy of values determined by seven aspects of our lives:

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Familial
  • Vocational

Each person’s values dictate how they use their time, money, and energy. It may all seem very simple and common sense, however until you become crystal clear on your values, many of us allow others to superimpose their values upon us, or us onto them. I was one such individual. I took his Breakthrough Experience seminar over 14 years ago, and the insight I got from it was life changing, and has made me realize the importance of knowing your truth and what your values really are.

With that being said, his perspective on healing and illness is that we have a skewed perspective of what is going on in our lives. Besides using his methodology to get to the root cause of a dis-ease, his recommendation is to make it a practice to reflect on what is currently going on in your life, as that is what is being expressed through the disease or symptoms that you are suffering from.

This is something that resonates deeply with me, as many of you who have come to me have been asked, “What is going on in your life right now?” or “What were you thinking about or doing just before the symptoms showed up?” Over the past 25 years of practice, I have witnessed symptoms decreasing by almost 90%, sometimes disappearing altogether, at the moment many of my practice members became aware of, and identified what it was that was really bothering them.

At the time of this workshop I was suffering from post nasal drip, which is a condition where someone exhibits a runny or stuffed nose, pressure in the sinuses, and mucus dripping down the back of the throat, often leading to a sore throat or sinus infection. I did not have a fever or runny nose, just the mucus at the back of my throat, making it uncomfortable to swallow. This made it hard to sleep, and it felt like I wasn’t sleeping at all for almost three nights. My body’s intelligence kept waking me up, because of the mucus at the back of my throat, which was probably preventing me from breathing in enough oxygen. The result of this was waking up on Wednesday morning feeling completely exhausted and drained of energy. I had to make the difficult decision to call Aften and have her inform my practice members that I was closing that day and we had to reschedule their appointments.

This was only the third time in 25 years that I’ve had to close my office due to my inability to provide healing services. It was necessary for me to do, and to also walk my talk to take care of myself first in order to be of better service to my members. Even though I have been teaching the mind body connection for the past 20 years, this healing crisis helped remind me that I may have blinders on when it comes to my ability to self-heal. The reason for the post nasal drip is my body’s way of getting me to express my truth and to deal with a few irritating situations that I wasn’t sure on how to proceed. I was judging myself on not being able to deal with my stressors in a timely manner, and it was hard for me to “swallow” what I was thinking and feeling.

It took me a little longer to recover, and something I have learned over the years is that there is a timing to everything. Sometimes when a symptom or dis-ease lasts longer, it helps to get greater insight as to why you are suffering. The most difficult part of dealing with pain or an inconvenient symptom is to see how it benefits you, and why your body created it in the first place. Most often we deem sickness or illness as bad, and being healthy as good. What if you changed your perspective to see that your body is just giving you messages and essential feedback to get you to make changes. Once you are able to accept this viewpoint as possible, sickness and illness can be a lot less scary. I suggest connecting with your body, and if you ask yourself the right questions and are honest with your answers, you can solve your symptoms and achieve optimal health. All the different healing modalities out there are just to enhance and assist you in healing and becoming whole. You have the power to self-heal.