I wrote an article in the Hawai’i Herald about body independence to acknowledge the importance and celebration of the 4th of July. America’s founding fathers used the Declaration of Independence to inform Great Britain and the rest of the world that it was our unalienable rights to live, be free, and to pursue happiness in our lives. It’s been 245 years since this memorable day that changed the course of history and set the unprecedented statement that would inspire every human being to know that they had the choice to live the life they wanted, be free to speak and follow their truth, and by doing so, experience happiness and a fulfilled life. This is where the rub comes… How many of us can claim these unalienable rights, especially since COVID-19, and what has transpired in 2020 and continues to today?  There were all the past emergency lockdowns in 2020, the tiered system, and mandates that make face masks a common occurrence, censorship of different information platforms, the list goes on.

Now with the COVID-19 shot, there is this ever-pressing pressure for every man, woman, and even children to get this experimental shot that has yet to be approved by the FDA. Ever since 2020, there has never been any mention by the WHO and other health agencies urging the importance of educating the populace to boost their immune system, maintain positive thoughts, keep emotionally balanced, and have other medical or health alternatives to combat a coronavirus that has nearly the same mortality rate as the common flu.

I’ve always questioned any authority, and as a wee, little, two-year-old, I would ask my mother, “why?” which would irritate and infuriate her whenever she had to explain to me what she wanted me to do. One thing that I encourage at this time is to question everything and never take anything for granted. The power that we all have is the freedom to choose. The moment this unalienable right is denied or taken away, is when we the people, like our founding fathers, have the power to rise up and establish a government that is truly for the people. Let’s not fall to fear and give up our right to have the freedom to choose. A society that is divided by the privileged and the unprivileged takes us down a very slippery slope. This is where knowing your truth and having body wisdom and intelligence will assist you in the choices that you make.

Connect with your body and learn to understand it’s signals when you are under stress or feel pressured to do something that is not aligned with your values. I have learned over the past 22 years that your body is constantly giving you feedback in order for you to make choices that are right for you. Anytime you make a choice that counters your truth, it will ultimately lead to bizarre health issues or pains that pop up at the most perceived, inappropriate times. I urge you to take the time to discover and know your unique body language; that way you know what works and doesn’t work for you. Choosing your truth and being aligned with your values will be your guide during challenging moments and times of fear and uncertainty. Knowing your truth will set you free and give you the power to declare your independence.