We are entering the last 31 days of 2022, and whether it was a blast or a challenging one, it’s a good practice if you have never done this – reflect on your year and take stock of WTF happened… I’m not sure if I’m the only one whose world looks completely different one year later. There’s been so much change and things constantly coming up, my resilience was tested for sure!

The interesting thing to note was that through all of this I never threw my hands up and exclaimed, “Why ME?” (actually, maybe I did once or twice), but applying the concept that everything happens FOR me and not TO me was a Godsend. Recognizing that everything happens for a reason, even the perceived difficult or bad ones, had their redeeming qualities and learning lessons that resulted from them.

This is where looking back at your year personally and professionally can be the perfect recipe to identify what worked and what didn’t. Doing that big overview allows you to make any necessary tweaks and plans for a more promising 2023.

You cannot control what society does, or the never ending inflation, but you do have the power to manage your internal space and what goes on between your two ears. Taking advice from experts and recommendations from trusted sources, YOU can gather the necessary information in order to make the right choice for you. You have the power to choose. Become the authority of your life and know that no one else will choose what’s in your best interest. It’s up to you.

So, the four things that you can start to list out are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life. The physical aspect of your life include maintaining a good physical constitution along with your diet. Did you maintain a physical exercise routine and made sure to limit processed foods and refined sugars? Did you make sure you got adequate amounts of sleep and drank at least eight cups of water each day? You are the best judge of what you did or didn’t do.

For the emotional and mental aspect, did you limit the amount of news you watched and absorbed? Did you take time to meditate or be in nature to absorb the negative ions to elevate your mood and mental state? Did you make a conscious effort to focus on positive thoughts instead of entertaining the negative ones?

Finally for your spiritual aspect – did you take time for yourself and to just Be? Whatever religious faith you adhere to, did you attempt to place some focus daily or weekly? Just know that each day is a new day and you can always choose to start anew.

In closing, enjoy the holidays and follow what feels right in your heart. Spend your time the way you choose to, and not because you feel you have to, ought to, or should. Trust your intuition, close 2022 right, and get ready for 2023!