This past October we experienced an unusual celestial occurrence – an annular solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse. This solar eclipse is also known as a “Ring of Fire.” It was seen on October 14th due to the moon not blocking the sun completely. Symbolically the ring of fire represents renewal, and it’s good to use this time to reflect on our past and get ready for the future. New beginnings are indicated here since this type of eclipse happens every 18 months. Solar eclipses are good reminders for us to reassess what’s going on in our lives to make sure we are living aligned with our highest values. Here is a question to ask yourself: Are you taking care of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energetic bodies? If not, then make a decision to take action and make a change.

On October 28th there was a partial lunar eclipse. Its meaning is to close a chapter or to complete a particular phase in your life. Its energy is pushing you to let go of attachments to any old identities and ways of thinking and being. Old patterns are needed to fall away in order for you to create more abundance, and future that is aligned with your new, evolved self. The supportive energy of a full moon and this eclipse encourages you to put trust in yourself and have the fortitude to move forward, living according to your highest values.

It’s fascinating that both eclipses are indeed here to help you to embrace a new life by shedding an old form that no longer serves you. It’s like the hermit crab that has to abandon its shell from time to time, once it begins to outgrow it. As we are moving further into the fall season, allow the eclipse energies of October to help you to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Make the choice to transform your life by getting out of your comfort zone and taking the road less traveled. If you choose not to take action, just know that when it is time to change and make a shift it will happen spontaneously whether you want to or not. Taking the time now to prepare for this shift will help you embrace a new life with less drama and trauma.

Knowing that growth and change is imminent, connecting with your intuition and body will help you to trust each step forward into your new reality. Many of us tend to over think and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Upcoming change can be unnerving and creates stress for most. The reason is that we are creatures of habit and anytime there is change, whether it be good or bad, stress is created by the uncertainty and not knowing what is to follow. Knowing this, tuning in to your intuition and creating a stronger connection with your body and its signals can go a far way in making your experience less bumpy and turbulent.

The first thing to do is to get a baseline read of your body and the way to do this is to start observing how your body feels when you are at rest. Are you able to breathe with ease or do you find yourself unable to take a full breath in? Do you feel tightness or pains in different parts of your body? Do you find your mind running a hundred miles a minute or have many worries pop up? The next thing to do is to observe how your body feels when under stress or pressure. Are you able to breathe normally or do you find yourself breathing shallow or holding your breath? By making these simple observations and doing it consistently, it will ultimately help you build a stronger connection with your body.

Finally, learning to use your intuition will help to establish trust in your ability to listen to the signals of your body. One easy way to enhance your intuition is to discover the “YES” and “NO” of your body. Take a few breaths in and out to calm your mind and think of something that puts a smile on your face and check to see how your body responds. Is your breath deeper and do you feel more at ease? If so, then this is your YES response. Now think of all the things that are challenging for you and see your body’s response – muscle tightness, body pains, restricted breathing, mind racing? This is your NO response. If it is still difficult for you to differentiate what your yes or no answer is, just keep at it. The old saying, “practice makes perfect” applies here, to cultivate this new behavior of being more in tune with your intuition and what’s true for you.

In closing, the two eclipses in October activated your soul’s need for change by letting go of the past in order to create an even more amazing present and future. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and take a leap of faith. If you leap with your body by your side, it will just help your transition be smoother. Life is constantly changing and the more comfortable you can get with life shifts, the more you can manifest the life you want to create that’s aligned with your highest values.