Here we are in the second lockdown of Honolulu for supposedly two weeks.  Forgive me for being more than skeptical about this time frame, but the April lockdown was extended into May and then June.  Let’s call a cat a cat and a dog a dog.  Now with the roll out of free testing of COVID-19, what’s going to stop it from becoming mandatory testing in the not-so-near future?  Also, more testing will just confirm there are more positives for the genetic material to further substantiate the need to close down the economy and force you to stay in your homes.

Small businesses that are not deemed essential are being shut down once again, forcing many business owners to the brink of extreme financial hardship and face the possibility of claiming Chapter 10.  The restaurants and small business owners who have done their best to adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions, are being punished for the illusion of keeping everyone safe and not creating further hardship on an already challenged medical system.  Is that truly fair?

I have come across medical professionals on the mainland and internationally via their posts on YouTube and social media, that are sharing their discoveries of what is being denounced by supposed experts as unsound medical treatment.  One of the more controversial treatments is the use of hydroxychloroquine, which was denounced by the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, but the research was retracted due to the very same researchers claiming that they were not involved and could not verify the findings that were provided.  There are many conspiracy theorists spouting that the COVID-19 virus was man-made along with various political agendas.  Videos are being banned by the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, which is in clear violation of our First Amendment.

The First Amendment guarantees freedom concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.  It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.  It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.

As you read through the First Amendment, I am not sure about you, but what the government in many states are doing is literally taking away your basic human rights in the guise of protection from COVID-19 and preventing the spread.  You are being mandated to stay in your homes and not gather, otherwise face fines or imprisonment for a year.  You are required to wear face masks entering businesses, but not in financial institutions.  Children under the age of five in Hawaii are not required to wear face masks, but everyone older must?  The World Health Organization, the CDC, and even our Lieutenant Governor and Surgeon General are constantly recommending washing your hands, wearing your face masks, and watching your six feet of distance, versus suggesting ways to boost your immune system in order to have the resilience and resources when you do get infected with COVID-19.

I just came across a medical doctor in Minnesota who some patients made a complaint against, since he was comparing COVID-19 with the seasonal flu.  He cited how there were 500,000 cases of Minnesotans infected by the flu in 2019, and currently the number of COVID-19 cases in Minnesota was just a little over 300,000.  The seasonal flu has been happening every year with people dying from it or having health complications from it, yet the government has never launched a full pandemic alert, nor have we ever had to wear face masks, prevent businesses from operating, or shut down the economy.

Right now, unemployment is escalating and the rise of domestic violence are being overshadowed by the constant focus on the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases.  With increased testing of genetic material resembling COVID-19, but not the true COVID-19 virus will show more and more cases.  I am not downplaying COVID-19’s effects on health-compromised individuals, however, uncertainty and fear raise your cortisol levels, which adversely affects your immune system.  That is why the time is now, more than ever, for you to choose to beware or be aware.  Beware of the media that you watch, question the experts or news and what is being told to you, and identify what feels right.  I have learned that anytime you make a choice based on fear, it never works out.  Making a choice based on your truth and inner knowing is the way to go.  This is where the choice to be aware and using your body signals to make the perfect decision for you comes into play.

You have control over your thoughts and what you hold dear in your heart.  You are the captain of your soul, master of your life.  Even during these challenging times, take care of your health and well-being.  Choose the people you want to associate with and don’t let fear push you into giving up more of your freedoms and your unalienable rights to speak and live your truth.

One more note: it was stated in the New York Times that the fastest time it took to make a new vaccination was four years.  Pharmaceutical companies are racing to create the vaccine in an 18-month timeline, hopefully to make it safe for human injection.  It takes a year to produce enough for the millions of people who choose to get poked by the needle.  So, ask yourself, if a vaccine is made available in October, November, or even in January, how can the pharmaceutical companies accomplish this enormous feat?  Did they have a magic replicating machine that could do this, or perhaps it was already being manufactured for the past year, while the research and creation of the vaccine was done potentially four years or more prior to that.  Just something that should make you go, “Hmmm.”  Beware or be aware.