With the recent spike of coronavirus cases, as society started opening back up, has local governments once again threatening and following through with the enforcement of face masks, closing down of bars, and other social activities to limit the spread.  Although there are more diagnosed cases due to the predicted second wave of infections, the number of deaths is not escalating to the same degree.  People are recovering instead of dying.

Furthermore, reported deaths caused by COVID-19 are being questioned as well, which could lower the supposed death count.  There are doctors across the nation that are starting to speak out about how they have been treating COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine (anti-malarial drug), zinc, butyrate, with 100% success rate.  They have even reported how children cannot transmit COVID-19 to adults and that most children who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 don’t present with any symptoms.

Instead of their good hope news and findings being displayed on every major news channel, their videos have been banned and taken off of YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.  What happened to freedom of speech and expressing views that are counter to what is being promoted?  What is going on?

Back on June 4, 2020 The Lancet, a top, highly respected medical journal, retracted an influential COVID-19 study that was released a month earlier.  It spoke about the safety issues of malaria drugs.  The retractions came from the authors of the study, who apparently were not directly involved in the collection of the data and sources as cited by the journal.

The issue with this study was not about the observation of the non-efficacy of the malaria drugs, but that the drugs were claimed to cause higher mortality or death rates.  Hence concerns about the health risks of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were based not only on the supposed evidence from The Lancet, but previously, the Food and Drug Administration warned the drugs should not be used for COVID-19 treatments without a clinical trial or beyond hospitalized patients because of potential heart risks.  The history of these drugs have been shown to be safe for people treated for malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus, and also have shown to be beneficial.  If you want to read more, click here.

I would like to know who we can really trust.  If a highly respected medical journal like The Lancet, and even the New England Journal, had to retract certain studies, who’s to say that other studies in the past may have issues as well?

My hope is for you to question things until you find the truth, instead of believing what the supposed experts are telling us.  In the last 20 years, more people have been asking for a second or third diagnosis when diagnosed with a life-threatening health condition by their primary care provider.

There are numerous conspiracy theories floating around about the deep state, aliens, and globalist plans to control all aspects of our lives.  Who can you trust and believe to be valid sources of information?  This ever-present push by the news, social media, and entertainment industry, of all things to be fearful of, doesn’t help.  I am not saying you need to believe me, but to question everything that doesn’t feel right to you.

One thing that I have learned is that anytime you make a choice based on fear, it never ever works out.  However, the one thing you can trust is your body.  Your body constantly gives you feedback, and it’s up to you to listen or not.

By taking time throughout the day to check in with your body, such as observing any tensions you feel, how you are breathing, and how your body responds to stress or ease, is extremely vital at this time.  You alone have your own perception and the power you have is freedom of choice.

We are definitely at a critical crossroads with the increasing amount of COVID-19 cases and what to do collectively as a society.  Do we shut down again, and hope that the infection rates go down because we are not interacting with others?  Will the shutdown of the economy continue, and we just pray that the government will assist everyone financially?  Do we allow the government to slowly take away our freedoms and create stronger control measures to restrict our ability to socialize, make choices, and live life?  Do we build up the dissension between people who wear masks and those who choose not to?

People are reporting their neighbors, co-workers, and bosses to the authorities if they are not adhering to the 14-day quarantine after traveling out of state, along with wearing masks.  Face coverings prevent connecting with another human being due to the major loss of facial expressions and cues.  There is also suspicion of others, as the ongoing fear of this threat is slowly leading us towards a distrustful environment, with possible uprisings and anarchy.  If you start worrying about the person next to you, or being suspicious of other people’s intent, it will lead to further distrust and isolation tendencies.

The only thing you can control are the thoughts you entertain, and your emotions and physical sovereignty.  We may not be able to control our external environment and what’s happening in society, but we can control our internal environment.  Keep focused on strengthening your inner environment and the external environment won’t have the same impact on you.  Connect with your breath, your inner rhythms, intuition, and continue to follow your truth.