Something I have observed in my 18 years being in practice is that a person’s posture can provide all sorts of information. The one thing that is more telling than anything is when a person’s shoulders are uneven. I have asked hundreds of practice members who have passed through my doors presenting with a high left shoulder when they are right side dominant, “Do you have a hard time asking for help or receiving assistance?” So far each and everyone has chuckled and responded with a definitive yes.

I ought to know, because when I first had my posture checked, my left shoulder was sky high at two inches more than my right shoulder. I, too, know something about having difficulty asking for help or receiving assistance. Being independent and not wanting to rely on others, always appeared easier than asking for help. However, in the past 10 years I have recognized the value of asking for help, but found it even more important to receive. I tend to be a giver, but when you continually give and don’t receive you create an imbalance and don’t allow others to give back. It’s about establishing and maintaining an equal exchange of energy. Establishing and keeping healthy relationships with family, friends, and loved ones are essential in keeping balance in your life.

The one relationship that tends to be overlooked is the one with your body. Your body is constantly giving you feedback on whether or not something is aligned with you and your highest values. Restricted breathing, muscle tension, and stiffness are some initial signs your body creates to get your attention. It behooves you to begin identifying what body signals correlate with certain life stressors. By doing so, allows you to identify what is really causing you stress, and to be out of balance.   For example, suddenly when you get low back pain that lingers and no matter what health professional you see, the pain doesn’t alleviate, taking the time to reflect and ask yourself what’s going on in your life can make all the difference.

I have seen individuals in extreme amounts of pain find a great degree of relief once they were able to acknowledge and accept what life stressor is affecting them so. Pain is not the only symptom, but other health ailments such as digestive issues and allergies, are also activated by mental and emotional stress. Take action now to begin asking yourself and your body what was going on when a certain pain or symptom showed up. By learning to appreciate the pain or health symptom, will help you to build a more trusting and equal exchange with your body. Work with your body instead of ignoring and overriding it. Honor and take care of your body and it will do the same.