The April Fool’s Day tradition involves hoaxes and practical jokes, ending with the exclamation, “April Fools!” to let the other person in on the prank.  The media has kept this unofficial holiday alive and well.  It’s interesting to note that over the past two years of this COVID-19 experience, all the censorship and disinformation by big tech and the mainstream media.  I figured it was appropriate to bring awareness to this to prevent people from being fooled by the media or other supposed figures of authority.

Do your own research and ask questions when something doesn’t feel right, especially regarding your overall well-being and your individual right to choose what gets put into your body.  Over the past 20 years, people have forgotten to stay awake, aware, to ask questions, and determine what’s really true and what’s not.

It’s been over nine years since I wrote my first book, Infinite Body Wisdom, and taught classes at Happiness U, where I shared strategies on how to connect your mind to your body and increase your awareness and ability to utilize stress in your life in order to experience enhanced wellness and well-being.  In honor of April Fool’s Day, I want to share the strategy of the Acorn.  I used the tiny acorn as a symbol of your true core essence.  When nourished and nurtured over the years, it grows up into an enormous and expansive oak tree.

Getting clear on your values and solidifying your truth and uniqueness, is representative of the strong roots that anchor the oak tree.  Being solid in your foundation of “YOU” leads to clarity of purpose and builds inner confidence to deal with any challenges or stressors that you encounter.  I truly believe in creating a solid relationship with yourself, and the connection to spirit is of the utmost importance in navigating through these uncertain times.

Are you going to stay resolute in how you want to live and experience your life?  Or will you choose to take the easier route, just because the masses are flowing that way?  The best thing about life is your power to choose, so don’t give up your unalienable right to do so.

Knowing who you are and what is important to you serves as your guiding light during moments of darkness and uncertainty.  Certainty of self allows you to be clear and decisive when the majority tells you to do the exact opposite.  The Acorn strategy is to connect with your inner truth and to be centered in your own knowing.

I will share one strategy that I feel is the absolute key to identifying your highest values, which will then provide the framework to stay in alignment with your higher self.  Once you are aligned and live your life according to your highest values, you will discover your life’s purpose and honor your authentic self.

The way to determine your highest values is to start paying attention to what you tend to think about the most, talk about the most, how you spend most of your time, your spending habits, and what you keep closest to you.  If you want a take a deeper look into identifying your highest values, email me at, and I’d be happy to send you a set of questions to help determine your highest values.

Another strategy is to connect your mind to your body.  It’s very simple, but sometimes difficult to do because we are so indoctrinated by the mind over body construct.  The whole concept of using your mental power to create your life is great, but treating your mind and body as equals can make you even more powerful.

Start paying attention to the subtle cues of your body and see how it responds to certain questions you ask.  Let your breath be the guide – shorter and restricted breathing usually indicates stress and a “NO”, while deep and rhythmical breathing indicates ease and a “YES.”

Next you can observe your posture when you think about something you enjoy (usually upright) versus something you dislike (usually slumped and contracted).  The last thing to pay attention to is muscle tone – tightness indicates stress and a “NO,” versus a more relaxed and normal tone to be a “YES”.

I hope these two strategies can help you discover your inner truth and assist you during uncertain moments in your life.  If you want to learn more Acorn strategies, you can get my book, Infinite Body Wisdom, either at my office or on Amazon in a paperback or Kindle version.  Your ability to decipher information that resonates with you or not, will help you navigate through these uncertain times.