The Focus of Aloha Chiropractic and Network – Give ourselves the permission to reassess our life’s choices.

We are currently moving into a time where traditional methods of healing are no longer effective in addressing the dis-eases that are currently affecting family, friends, and loved ones.  Diabetes, heart disease, cancer is on the rise and affecting more and more people.  Medications are managing these conditions, but can there be a different way to experience a better quality of life?

The Mechanistic View of Healing

The western approach is mechanistic in that it treats the human body as a sum of its parts and addresses the different systems of the body vs. seeing how the whole of the body is intimately connected.  This mechanistic view point is known as “restorative healing” and its focus is to address the symptom that is adversely affecting a person’s life and getting it under control so that a person can continue living their life the way they always have.

Restorative Healing – What is it?

Restorative healing is the focus of many healing disciplines especially western medicine.  The  causes of a dis-ease or symptom is one’s aim and then to blame it as the reason for being in that condition.   The person wants to return to their life prior to the state when the problematic symptom appeared.  The symptom or situation is disturbing the way a person is feeling and living their life and this disturbance is wrong and must be stopped.  The assumption is by stopping the symptom or crisis, the individual can resume as closely to possible his previous life routines, actions, and choices.  Success is perceived when one has returned to a previous and familiar place.  Prevention of this condition is important and takes precedence – by conducting earlier tests, examining biomedical indicators and using preventative treatments can this success be achieved.

Asking a different question

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) does not focus on “Restorative Healing.” NSA takes on a different perspective asking “what if that symptom or disturbance in one’s life is the cure?”  The bigger question is “what does one need to feel or be aware of in order to make the necessary changes to find a different approach to the way one is living one’s life.”  True empowerment comes when we have the ability to “choose” versus knee- jerk reacting to life’s challenges.

Trying is it enough?

Whenever someone uses the word “try” it gives the person permission to sabotage themselves.  “I am trying to make a change” means in other words, “don’t expect more from me.”  I remember when I was young my mother saying to me, “When you TRY, you FAIL.”  Instead of trying, just “BE-ing.”  The bigger goal is for one to be able to truly experience what is currently happening in their life.  When there is no story or energetic attachment whether it be good or bad to the experience is when one is truly set free.

A New Horizon

This is Part 1 of A New Paradigm for Healing and Part 2 – “Embracing a New Paradigm” will be in next month’s Life Letter.