Experiencing One’s Emotions Fully

“One’s inability to experience one’s experience is the source of all suffering.  Seeing is freedom.  Seeing is in itself the end.”

– anonymous

Food for thought – people who gets angry and commit acts of violence feel that anger is wrong.  The more one suppresses the emotion they feel unsafe to experience, the more one creates it in one’s life.  I do not enjoy confrontations and in the past would attempt to avoid confrontations, but I found that although the faces and times were different, the same experience kept presenting itself to me, until I dealt with the unpleasantness of speaking my truth and dealing with the situation and confronting the issues at hand.

How is peace accomplished?

Peace is accomplished when there is no effort, to stop effort requires effort; all we can do is become aware of the games that we play and this becomes the solution.  By using Network as the basis, I teach one’s body and nervous system strategies to strengthen one’s own inner connection to themselves and therefore symptoms, emotions, stress, and life circumstances are filtered through the experience of the body.  One can change the way one ‘takes life’ by changing the body’s experience and awareness.  For example the same symptom might be presenting itself, but the experience changes if we have a different connection with our breath and movement.  Once our structure changes then our behavior changes, and then the last to change is our perceptions.

Bringing balance to our Perceptions

One increases adaptability to life by experiencing one’s emotions fully.  The moment we can bring our experiences whether they are good or bad into balance is when we can live in the present and not be run by our past.  Either our symptoms or past conditioning controls us or we have the awareness to choose how we want to perceive our current experiences.  Instead of reacting to circumstances, we allow ourselves to make a conscious choice in how we want to experience the current situation and consciously respond appropriately.

Listen to the signals of our body

A new paradigm to healing is to embrace the intimate connection between our body and our mind.  Symptoms such as low back pain, headaches, shoulder tightness, panic attacks, and other conditions such as diabetes are signals giving us the opportunity to make necessary changes to the way we our living our lives.  Either we become victims of our bodies or we learn to listen to what our body wants to tell us to address whatever it is that is out of sync with what our internal soul or knowing-ness in communication with our minds.

Topic for next Life Letter – “The Body never Lies, the mind does”