As we enter the fall season, a lot of things have been happening that make me go hmmmm… For instance, the fact that certain websites that express a different perspective than the current narrative about how dangerous this COVID-19 virus is, are being taken down.  Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Messenger are also being censored or blocked for its content.  Whatever happened to freedom of speech and expression?  It also appears that the mainstream media are not covering huge stories of what’s going on either nationally or in the world, such as the huge story involving Hunter Biden’s indiscretions, along with the CDC’s admittance on their official website of the 6% comorbidity rate of COVID-19 alone, since March.

Besides that, there’s AstraZeneca under-reporting, and not sharing publicly, about a major adverse reaction from the COVID-19 vaccine trials of transverse myelitis, which is an inflammatory condition in the spinal cord that is often sparked by viral infections.  When asked to confirm the diagnosis, AstraZeneca declined to comment. “The event is being investigated by an independent committee, and it is too early to conclude the specific diagnosis,” the company says.  This is not the first time in AstraZeneca’s history that they have not fully disclosed information about their pharmaceutical drugs adverse reactions to the public.  Pfizer, another pharmaceutical giant, and also in the race to produce the COVID-19 vaccination, has an interesting history in regards to their drugs and adverse reactions.

We currently are in a time, when you have to question the information that you are being told.  It’s up to you to determine whether the information is valid or not.  It’s very easy to get swept up by what the media reports, but I suggest you critically analyze and ask yourself, “Does this make sense, or is it emotional propaganda?”

With the increased blatant censorship by social media, I’m constantly searching for the truth.  Even conspiracy theories are worth investigating, because I have discovered that some of their stories are true.  The one red flag is when the mainstream media goes on the offensive with an individual or situation.  When there is a lopsided representation of a story and a lack of balance, I usually question the narrative.  Question even what I share as well, and by trusting your intuition and your body sense, you will be empowered.

For the past six months my eyes have kept getting dry and irritated, off and on.   The mind-body significance of eyes is what I am witnessing, or seeing or not wanting to see.  The constant push by our officials to keep social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing masks, without any recommendations of ways to boost your immune system, to bolster your mental and emotional wellness, and to make sure you maintain regular exercise and movement has been dumbfounding.  The focus seems to be on keeping safe until the vaccine comes out, and that will save us all.

If any of you have not heard about the Great Barrington Declaration, Google this link:  A group of epidemiologists, doctors, and specialists in many different fields worldwide have declared the management of COVID-19 as detrimental to the well-being of people in society and have suggested a way to navigate through this quagmire.

This declaration makes sense, where it doesn’t propose a complete shutdown of society, but instead, keeps individuals who are at risk, safe, and the more hardy and healthy individuals to continue working and living normally.  If you have not heard about this declaration, then it just confirms my initial statements about the under-reporting of the media, when the information does not support the narrative of the COVID-19 agenda.  Know that you have the power to choose and if more of us choose to live life instead of live in fear, we can help change our current state and usher in a more hopeful and amazing future.

In closing, I have observed over the past several years how four essential and basic skills are not taught to us.   The first one is how to communicate effectively – to learn how to listen to another, not take things personally, create ways to establish rapport, and to be respectful of another’s point of view.  The second is what it takes to raise a child and be a parent; the responsibility that comes with it, and how to raise an independent, thinking child that will grow up to be their own authentic self-governing being.  The third is finances – we are not taught how to manage money, balance a check book, deal with credit cards, and how to invest and save for the future.  The fourth and last is health and wellness – we are not taught proper nutrition, the importance of restful sleep, movement, and exercise, along with trusting the innate healing power of our bodies.  I have an idea of why, and I leave that to you, the reader, if you so choose to accept this mission, to investigate and discover the truth behind why all these things makes me go hmmmm.