Network chiropractic is the chiropractic system of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) created by Dr. Donald Epstein. Dr. Epstein developed network chiropractic when he noticed that if he adjusted certain segments of the spine before others, the body would often "self-correct" and move by itself in response to the adjustment of the initial contacted spinal segment. His method requires gentler manipulation and less force than in the traditional chiropractic approach to help the body release tension patterns in the spinal column and become better at healing itself. The focus is to use minimum force to produce maximum results in tension reduction leading to better overall health and wellness.

Curious about Network Spinal Care?

Dr. Chad Sato

Tension in the spinal cord can disrupt the spinal column and cause pain and unwelcomed symptoms in the body. An essential part of the care is for the members to learn and participate in their treatment. Network care is made up of four levels and designed to help the patient develop a greater awareness of his or her spine in relation to the rest of their body and life. Individual consciousness is likewise enhanced as adverse spinal cord tension is relieved through gently applied contacts.

Network Care can provide immediate relief to stress and dis-ease as it re-trains your body to develop new strategies for living and healing. It is not a technique designed to get rid of symptoms per se, but to give you greater awareness – mental, emotional, and physical in the way you experience your life. Symptoms such as low back pain, headaches, digestive problems, allergies and even cancer are recognized as signs of the body indicating a state of DIS-EASE. The alchemical moment of healing occurs when you recognize that the body is creating the corresponding symptom or problem that you are unwilling to take ownership of in your life. The body will create a condition to get your attention in order to change the way you are living and take full ownership of your healing process towards wholeness.

The overall goal of Network Spinal Analysis care is to re-establish the natural energetic flow of your nervous system and restore the body's innate self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms. When your bodies remember their self-healing abilities, you reap lifetime benefits of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness

When you are young, you automatically self-correct instinctively. You move and wiggle to release tension as well as express your emotions more openly when angry, happy, or content. This helps you stay flexible, adaptable to changes, and healthy. As you age and face increasing levels of stress and change, you become more rigid, less adaptable, and have a harder time releasing tension. You slowly lose your trust in the ability to self-correct, which allows tension to get locked in your body and spine.

Network Spinal Analysis is an evolution of Chiropractic care. In chiropractic care the Chiropractor may manually re-adjust the spine to release tension and promote healing. In Network Care, the belief is in the body’s amazing powers to self-heal and to re-align by first using the breath to release tension and promote healing. The spine is not manipulated, but over time the patient becomes aware of the tension one stores in their spine and body, which at the appropriate time is able to achieve balance and proper alignment. Once you become consciously aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect the tension or symptom that shows up in your body, you now have the unique opportunity to presently deal with that tension or symptom. It is about teaching you to take greater responsibility of not only your health, but the way you live and perceive your life. This technique is gentler and has more immediate and lasting effects than traditional chiropractic care.

Curious about how I apply the techniques of Network Spinal Analysis into my unique four-path system?

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